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Zhengning Jinniu Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 with a registered capital of 20 million. It is a key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Gansu Province, which integrates food processing, machinery and equipment processing, fruit and vegetable storage and trade. It has four automatic production lines of perilla oil and fruit and vegetable chips, fruit and vegetable storage and preservation, and mechanical equipment processing. The processing technology of mechanical equipment is very mature, especially the vacuum differential pressure drying equipment for fruit and vegetable chips has won the international leading level; the processing technology of agricultural products adopts advanced technology, with the concept of natural, green and health, and retains various biological activities to the utmost extent. Ingredients make perilla seeds, perilla oil, sea buckthorn oil, dehydrated apple rings, apple chips and other products more nutritious and healthier. Apple chips are used as designated snack foods by domestic airlines such as Shenzhen Airlines, Hainan Airlines and China Eastern Airlines; they have already cooperated with China Petroleum Group's most chain convenience store “Yijie Chain” to distribute goods to the whole country, and the company exports perilla and apples. Chips to Germany, the United States, Portugal, South Korea, etc. "Fangxin Love" and "Wheling" brand won the "Gansu Province Famous Trademark", the products have passed the green food certification, ISO22000 certification, export food hygiene certification and the US FDA, the US organic NOP certification, the EU organic EOS certification, Kosher Food "OU" certification, Islamic Halal HALAL and other certifications.

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Treating people with sincerity, appointing others, acquainting with each other, working together in the same boat,
and rushing forward, we are willing to cooperate with the vast number of partners to achieve mutual benefit.
2001 Shanghai Liyuan Trading Co., Ltd. was established
  The company officially began to expand the market of frozen fish conditioning food in the mainland. In the initial stage, it was mainly engaged in trade management. After more than 8 years of exploration and experience, it has achieved impressive sales and reputation.
2009 Xiamen Certain Food Co., Ltd. was established
  It mainly produces high-quality fish and meat as raw materials for quick-frozen food, and brings the health, peace of mind and high-quality deep-sea fish food to the consumers with the best production equipment and sales team.
enterprise culture


We have the youngest and most passionate team, the company and cultivate excellent management team.
Treating every customer and consumer with the most admirable spirit and service, the company insists that there is no best, only better principles,
We will bring you a sincere heart, a reputation, quality service and look forward to your sincere cooperation, XX will be your best choice.

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The company has introduced Taiwan's professional technology,
excellent R & D personnel and advanced machine equipment for the processing and integration of surimi products and meat.
Diversification can create the art of “healthy eating, eating nutrition and eating” in the change,
so that the consumers can truly enjoy the best DHA and EPA rich in the deep sea.
And low cholesterol, low fat, low calorie nutrient fish protein.

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    South-to-North Water Transfer into Beijing to break 500 million squares Beijing still lacks water seriously

    BEIJING, Beijing, September 7 (Reporter Zeng Wei) The reporter learned from the Beijing Water Affairs Bureau on the 7th that as of the same day, 509 million cubic meters of South Water has been injected into Beijing, and 72% of the South Water has been remitted to the city's waterworks. However, according to the operating conditions, as of the end of October this year, Beijing's water resources situation is still less than 97 million cubic meters of water compared with the 2014 level.

    Why do foreign aunts don’t dance square dances?

    Square dance in China in recent years has undoubtedly become an influential mass movement. Every limited square open space is filled with aunts and grandfathers—of course, mainly aunts—and a healthy posture and The pace of the devil. What is gratifying is that the square dance has a tendency to go abroad and promote our country. It has already successfully occupied the Red Square in Moscow and the Louvre Square in Paris. The United States naturally does not say anything. To a certain extent, square dance has become China's most successful cultural project exported to the world.

    In the era of wandering, those left-behind children who have no home

    This is a time of drifting, even a 9-year-old girl dares to "float". The report said that at the end of August, the 9-year-old Nanchong girl Xiaoxi had done a crazy thing: took 1,000 yuan in cash from her home, took her household registration book, and started from Nanchong’s hometown. After four transfers, she reached more than 2,000 kilometers. Outside Putian City, Fujian Province, where the city where her father and mother work. For this crazy adventure, Xiao Xi’s explanation is simple: she wants mom and dad, and wants to be with her mom and dad.

    Special issue: Why have diplomatic problems of decades been resolved by Obama?

    This summer is the harvest season for Obama's diplomacy. First, reconciliation and resumption of diplomatic relations with the enemies of Cuba have resolved the most difficult problems in the half-century of American diplomatic relations. Second, it is to promote the Iranian nuclear issue to reach a comprehensive agreement and become a model for diplomatic efforts to solve complex international hot issues.

    Boston's century-old subway has to be changed to China. What do Americans think?

    On September 3, local time, China CRRC officially broke ground at the assembly plant in Springfield, Massachusetts. Although the American town named "Springfield" by the Chinese is not big, it has a hundred years of indissoluble bond with China. This is the first destination for young children in the late Qing Dynasty. Zhan Tianyou was admitted to Yale University and then succeeded in the Chinese railway miracle.

    Is the advantage of China's economic future development still there?

    The pace of China's economic growth has fallen sharply in recent years, from the highest level of 14% in 2007 to 7% in the second quarter of this year. Such a decline may be normal or cyclical to a considerable extent, but it is always worrying about the prospects for long-term growth of the Chinese economy. Is the advantage of the future development of China's economy still there? If so, where is it?